American Heroes of the 20th Century

American Heroes of the 20th Century

Landmark Giant #14
by Harold Faber, Doris Faber
Publisher: Random House
©1967, Item: 79793
Hardcover, 179 pages
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Here are the stories of twenty Americans whose lives illustrate the meaning of courage in our modern world:

John F. Kennedy: Profiles in Courage
Charles A. Lindbergh: Lone Eagle of the Atlantic
Martin Luther King: "I Have a Dream"
Helen Keller: Symbol of Hope
Douglas MacArthur: "I Shall Return"
Richard E. Byrd: Polar Explorer
Gordon Seagrave: Burma Surgeon
Margaret Bourke-White: Photographer of Valor
Robert Goddard: Father of Rocketry
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
Audie Murphy: Most Decorated Serviceman
Amelia Earhart: Heroine of the Skies
Edward R. Murrow: Voice of America
William J. Donovan: Master of Spies
Carrie Chapman Catt: Crusader for Women Voters
Jonas Salk: Conqueror of Polio
Alan Shephard: First American Into Space
Ernie Pyle: "Here Is Your War"
Marian Anderson: Voice of Glory
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Soldier for Democracy

Each of these men and women, as Harold and Doris Faber show in this book, has extended the boundaries of human knowledge—or of the human spirit.

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