America in the Time of Lewis and Clark

America in the Time of Lewis and Clark

The Story of Our Nation from Coast to Coast, from 1801 to 1850

by Sally Senzell Isaacs (Author)
Publisher: Heinemann-Raintree
Perfectbound, 48 pages
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Pack up and head west to America's frontier. Join Lewis and Clark as they explore the land and people of America's Louisiana Purchase. Follow the wagon trains on the Oregon Trail all the way to California's gold mines.  Look at the factories, towns, and plantations that are growing in the East, and meet the immigrants who are pouring in from Europe.

This book describes in detail the everyday life of Americans on the move.  They travel in frontier wagons, canal boats, steam trains, whaling boats, and immigrant ships.  Each book in the series uses reconstruction illustrations and photographs along with clear text to bring the story of our nation to life.

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