America In Korean War

America In Korean War

A History Just for Kids

by KidCaps
Publisher: BookCaps
Print-on-demand paperback, 45 pages
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From the publisher:

"Have you ever heard of the Battle of Osan, or even of the Korean War that it was a part of? This war has been called America’s “Forgotten War” because not a lot of people talk about it. It was not global, like World War Two had been, and it was not as controversial as the Vietnam War. Although it lasted for about three years, and although some 40,000 American soldiers lost their lives, the whole thing seemed so far away that, to this day, not a lot of people even know what the war was about or how it ended. Sometimes, they don’t even know that it happened. In this handbook, we hope that you will learn the most important stuff about the Korean War."

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