Amelia Bedelia Celebration

Amelia Bedelia Celebration

Four Stories Tall

by Peggy Parish, Herman Parish, 2 othersLynn Sweat, Fritz Siebel
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Hardcover, 214 pages
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Amelia Bedelia draws the drapes with a pencil and sketchpad. She makes sponge cake with a real sponge.

She recruits a train conductor to lead an orchestra. And when she's driving toward a fork in the road, she's also on the lookout for a spoon.

You can count on the well-meaning Amelia Bedelia to take things to hilariously literal extremes. But you can also count on her putting her heart and friendship into everything she does —and always having a scrumptious cake or pie ready to share at the end of a long day.

This book includes four of Amelia Bedelia's most beloved adventures; a CD to listen to while you read; and recipes, games, and more.

Contains the stories:
Amelia Bedelia

Good Work, Amelia Bedelia

Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia

Bravo, Amelia Bedelia

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