Amazing Circus of Phonograms: Act 2

Amazing Circus of Phonograms: Act 2

by Mary Jo Nyssen, Joe Palmisano (Illustrator)
Publisher: MOM-BA-BOOKS
1st Edition, ©2017, ISBN: 9780998583204
Trade Paperback, 42 pages
Price: $13.99
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Teaching children to read is less about making them memorize rules and more about giving them the tools they need to sound out and spell any word they encounter. By using a multi-sensory phonics method, you can break the code of reading by introducing your child to the seventy phonograms of the English language. But, as author and grandmother Mary Jo Nyssen knows full well, there is a secret ingredient that is essential to the mix: humor!

An Amazing Circus of Phonograms: Act I introduced children to the first twenty-two phonograms, all of which are made of two or more letters. Rather than simply list them off, Nyssen weaves the information into silly stories featuring colorful illustrations. Act II follows up with twenty-two more. As children read about the acts performed at the circus, they learn how to recognize and pronounce ng, ar, ck, ed, or, wh, ey, ei, ie, igh, eigh, kn, gn, wr, ph, dge, oe, gh, ti, si, ci, and ough.

For example, as kids read the comical tales of the thoroughbred horse, rough Rusty the lion, the coughing piglet, the thoughtful clown, and the ploughing farmer, they will discover that the astounding letter combination “ough” can make six separate sounds.

Take your child on a learning adventure you’ll both enjoy, and watch as your young reader begins to grasp how to unlock the mystery of the English language.

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