Alvin's Secret Code

Alvin's Secret Code

by Clifford B. Hicks, Bill Sokol
Publisher: Weekly Reader
Library Binding, 159 pages
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The warm, tingly feeling that had been smack in the middle of Alvin Fernald’s stomach ever since Miss Peppersmith had closed and neatly lined up her books that Friday afternoon, had grown bigger as he and Shoie walked home from school.

Now, here, in his hand, is the reason why! Alvin’s sixth sense tells him that the crumpled note holds a secret message in spy code, which is about to catapult the two secret agents plus Alvin’s younger sister Daphne, the Pest, into the intricacies of authentic code detection and the dangers of a newly stirred-up 100-year-old mystery.

Even Alvin’s Magnificent Brain is nearly put on overload before the bang-up solution to the code and the mystery carry the three agents to an ending that is satisfying to all…well, to almost all. 

Twelve-year-old Alvin and his best friend Shoie use their knowledge of codes and ciphers to solve a dangerous mystery.

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