Almighty Over All

Almighty Over All

Understanding the Sovereignty of God

by R. C. Sproul Jr.
Publisher: Baker Books
Trade Paperback, 184 pages
Price: $16.00

God's strength—where do we find it at work in today's world? Is God really in control, given the nature of humankind and the pervasive evil that seems to dominate so much of our society?

In Almighty Over All, pastor and writer R. C. Sproul Jr. methodically addresses various aspects of God's strength and discusses how a thorough understanding of His sovereignty adds richness and peace to our lives. God is ultimately in control, Sproul asserts, from the tiniest details to the essential implications of salvation throughout eternity.

"R. C. Sproul Jr. is well equipped to write about the great issues. These he faces squarely with sure-footed confidence in a truly scriptural fashion. . . . A book for those who are tired of reading superficial material."
Jay Adams, author and speaker

Table of Contents:

    Introduction: How Strong Is He?

  1. Who's There? Almighty from Eternity
  2. Who's Where? Almighty over Nothing
  3. Who's Dunit? Almighty in Authority
  4. Who's Driving? Almighty over History
  5. Who's the Boss? Almighty over the Mighty
  6. Who's Minding the Store? Almighty over the Details
  7. Who's Choosing Whom? Almighty over Men
  8. Who Reigns? Almighty over the Devil
  9. Who Is Greater? Not Almighty over Himself
  10. Who Hurts? Almighty over Redemption
  11. Who Saves? Almighty over Redemption
  12. Who's Batting Cleanup? Almighty in Sanctification
  13. Who's It Gonna Be? Almighty over Eternity
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