All the Way Home

All the Way Home

Power for Your Family to Be Its Best

by Mary Pride
Publisher: Crossway Books
Trade Paperback, 284 pages
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The sequel to Mary Pride's revolutionary book, The Way Home. Building on the theme of the home as center of life, All the Way Home will change your ideas on what is possible for families today. The author deals with home education, family worship, time management, and family work and play. Chapters such as "The Hassled Mother's Quick & Dirty Guide to Child Training" and "Is There Life Without TV?" add sparkle to the daily routine. Ideas on starting and running a home business and investment strategies for home executives open new doors for women at home to use their talents and creativity. Mrs. Pride also shows how the family can reach out to influence and minister to the community.

This book is filled with practical wisdom and illustrations from the lives of many families. More than a problem-solving manual, All the Way Home helps families do it right from the start.

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