All Sail Set

All Sail Set

by Armstrong Sperry
Publisher: David R. Godine
Trade Paperback, 175 pages
Price: $14.95

The gripping and authentic yarn of a race 'round the Horn onboard the greatest clipper ever built, The Flying Cloud.

Who can love the spread of canvas and the bend of oak and not thrill to the names of the great clippers built by Donald McKay? Great Republic, Sovereign of the Seas, Lightning, Star of Empire, and Westward Ho—these names ring from an era when the windships were the queens of the ocean and sail was king. But the most famous, the one that most securely captured the hearts and imaginations of the entire nation, was McKay's masterpiece, the Flying Cloud.

Here is the story of Enoch Thacher, a boy whose father lost his fortune at sea, whom McKay takes on during the lofting, building, and rigging of the Cloud, and who finally ships out on her for her maiden, record-breaking trip around the Horn. Accompanied by Sperry's wonderfully vigorous drawings, this realistic, riveting narrative of iron men and wooden ships will keep even landlubbers pegged to their seats.

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