All-of-a-Kind Family

All-of-a-Kind Family

All-of-a-Kind Family Series #1
by Sydney Taylor, Helen John (Illustrator)
Publisher: Follett
©1951, Item: 82795
Library Rebind, 188 pages
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This edition is out of print and increasingly hard to find. However, you can still obtain the Yearling mass-market edition.

It is 1912, and among immigrant families on New York's Lower East Side, there is not much money, but there are everyday adventures to share with each other and with loving parents and relatives. There are also major problems . . . How can Sarah overcome the loss of a precious library book? Will the weekly visits to the Library Lady have to stop? What will she have to do to pay for her carelessness?

Most children who have never shared a bed with a sister or brother, or have never had the pleasure of the company of four siblings in one bedroom will be entranced by the tales of these five girls, dreaming and planning about careers, weddings, growing up.

Even visiting Papa's basement warehouse of discarded objects for peddlers is an adventure, especially the day that the load of old books arrives. One can never be sure about a treasure that turns up there!

And surrounding them all is the love of their parents, the warmth and security of belonging to an understanding and caring family.

Readers will delight in this introduction to a family that has been taken to the heart of America, and will want to follow the girls through all five books as they grow up. Our family has enjoyed them so much that we are on our second set (the first wore out)!

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