All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown

All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown

All-of-a-Kind Family Series #2
by Sydney Taylor, Beth Krush (Illustrator), Joe Krush (Illustrator)
Trade Paperback, 187 pages
List Price: $12.95 Sale Price: $11.01

Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte and Gertie have been joined by baby brother Charlie, and the girls are having a lot of fun with him, especially when he says his first word, "Mama".

There is also school, the jaunts to the library, and a piano enters the home so that it becomes a musical family. They are joined in this by their friend Guido for lots of happy times . . . but these turn to sadness when Guido's mother dies. What will happen to him, with no family and no one to look after him? But there are good people to help and he does find a new home.

Friends and family share in the wonderful Thanksgiving play at the neighborhood settlement house, and the party that follows, with the cooking accident that turns into a delicious meal.

Everyone will want to join the girls and their loved ones in yet another series of stories about life in an earlier America, where affection and understanding more than made up for riches and luxury.

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