All for Nothing

All for Nothing

The True Story of the Last Great American Train Robbery

by Larry Sturholm, John Howard
Publisher: BLS Publishing Co.
©1976, Item: 77918
Hardcover, 185 pages
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Historical Setting: 1920s Pacific Northwest

This is the story of a 1923 botched train robbery in the Siskiyou Mountains as the train traveled from Ashland, Oregon to San Francisco, California.  It has been labeled as the last great American train robbery, but didn't net the thieves a single cent and cost 3 lives.  A policeman and a news reporter put the story together through meticulous research and the personal recollections of Ray DeAutremont, one of the three brothers who committed the crime.  The dust jacket contains an introduction by Tom McCall, who commuted Ray's sentence in 1972.  Ray died in 1984, eight years after this book was published.

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