All American History Volume II - Student Activity Book

All American History Volume II - Student Activity Book

by Celeste Rakes
Publisher: Bright Ideas Press
Consumable Workbook, 305 pages
Price: $16.95
Used Price: $12.00 (4 in stock) Condition Policy

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Designed to be inviting, the All American History Student Activity Book uses a multi-sensory approach to learning and is the perfect complement to the All American History Student Reader—bringing America's story to life piece by piece. This interactive activity book for grades 6-high school contains:

  • 32 weekly lesson reviews
  • 4 unit wrap ups
  • Map work and For Further Study questions

The Student Activity Book forms are intended to be filled in as the student is either reading the text or listening to the text being read. This is training in note-taking skills and it encourages them to be active readers/listeners. The pictures in the Student Activity Book are beneficial to both visual learners (seeing the images) and kinesthetic learners (working with images, keeping their hands engaged).

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