All About the Jungle

All About the Jungle

All About Books #29
by Armstrong Sperry
Publisher: Random House
©1959, Item: 12435
Hardcover, 141 pages
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For centuries, the jungle has cast a strange spell over men. They have been fascinated by its luxuriant plant growth, amazed by its strange animals, frightened by its constant dangers, and caught up in its mysterious rhythm.

In All About the Jungle, Armstrong Sperry takes you on a journey to the Rain Forests of the world. These widely scattered jungle areas make up one-tenth of the earth's land surface.

Travel with Mr. Sperry to the great Brazilian jungle, where a spider can be big enough to catch birds, and where the red howler monkey makes the jungle ring with his cries.

Visit the jungles of the East Indies—the home of Asian elephants, water buffalo, peacocks, and a hundred kinds of snakes.

Journey into the Belgian Congo, to the mysterious depths of the Ituri Rain Forest. Learn the customs of the four-foot Pygmies and the tall Mangbetu tribesmen.

Surviving in the jungle is a science, which the natives have had to learn. Mr. Sperry explains how an outsider, too, can learn to survive in the jungle.

Mr. Sperry has written and illustrated a thrilling book about the plants, animals, and people of the world's jungles.

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