All About Spelling Phonogram CD-ROM

All About Spelling Phonogram CD-ROM

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An easy way to learn the sounds of the basic phonograms, this interactive phonogram audio program features clear enunciation of the sounds of the letters and letter combinations. Click on a button and hear the correct pronunciation!

Here is a screenshot of the program:

Phonogram Audio

Would you like to try out a demo of the program? Click the button below.

Audio of Phonograms

About the demo:

  • The top row of buttons is functional.
  • The demo requires Flash Player, which most computers have. If you need a free copy, or need to update your copy, click here
  • The CD-ROM that you receive does NOT require Flash—just pop the CD-ROM into your computer, and it automatically starts!

About the full version of the program:

  • Contains all 72 basic phonograms.
  • The pronunciations are crystal clear.
  • The button colors match the colors of the All About Spelling Letter Tiles to reinforce learning.
  • Phonograms are arranged in logical groupings, matching the labels provided with the Letter Tiles.
  • Teaching tips are provided to maximize your effectiveness.

Uses of the program:

  • You, as the teacher, can learn the pronunciations quickly and accurately before teaching your student. You won’t have to wonder if you are pronouncing them correctly—now you will know for sure!
  • Your student can learn directly from the program. Give him several phonograms to learn at a time. After he has clicked on each phonogram several times, he will have a good idea of the sounds. Then he can test himself by hovering the mouse over the phonogram, saying the sound(s) aloud, and clicking to hear the audio. He will have instant feedback, and instant feedback means faster learning.

This program can be used alone or in conjunction with the All About Spelling Letter Tiles and the Basic Phonogram Flashcards.

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