All About Spelling - Basic Interactive Kit

All About Spelling - Basic Interactive Kit

List Price: $24.95 Our Price: $19.96

As of January 2019, All About Learning released new, full-color editions of Reading 1-4. With slight tweaking, they can be used with these previous editions (click here for correlation info). We've stopped purchasing the older, black & white editions of the teacher's guides, but are continuing to buy most used readers and clean workbooks as they are available.

As of April 2023, they released new, full-color editions of Spelling 1 & 2. The new editions are NOT compatible with these copies, but do cover the same scope and sequence. We have stocked up (a little) on new student packets to support families who have older Teacher Editions but are, at least temporarily, NOT buying them.  

Please note that this interactive kit is nearly identical to the All About Reading Basic Interactive Kit. If you are using both programs, you won't need two kits, but we suggest you purchase the separate All About Reading Divider Cards.


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