All About Reading Level 4 - Teacher Manual (old)

All About Reading Level 4 - Teacher Manual (old)

by Marie Rippel
Perfectbound, 419 pages
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As of January 2019, All About Learning released new, full-color editions of Reading 1-4. With slight tweaking, they can be used with these previous editions (click here for correlation info). We've stopped purchasing the older, black & white editions of the teacher's guides, but are continuing to buy most used readers and clean workbooks as they are available.

The comprehensive All About Reading Level 4 Teacher's Manual thoroughly teaches the five key components of reading through 63 step-by-step lessons that are easy to follow and fun to teach!

In Level 4, you’ll continue to teach important reading skills including phonological awareness, phonics and decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Your Level 4 Teacher’s Manual will guide you through the scripted steps of each lesson, including review and new teaching. You’ll teach 15 new phonograms, multisyllabic words, words with unaccented syllables, many suffixes and prefixes, word morphology, words with Greek influences, French influences, Spanish influences, Italian influences, and much more.

Everything in the Teacher’s Manual is laid out for you step-by-step. You’ll be able to successfully teach reading without feeling overwhelmed, and the program helps your student to learn quickly while still guaranteeing retention and enjoyment. Our approach to reading develops children into confident readers who absorb and retain new information.

Note: This Level 4 Teacher's Manual must be used in conjunction with a Level 4 Student Packet and the Level 4 readers. It cannot be used by itself.

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