All About Reading Level 2 - Complete Kit (old)

All About Reading Level 2 - Complete Kit (old)

by Marie Rippel
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Your student will learn exciting new concepts, including three-letter blends, the introduction of Silent E, new phonograms, and methods for decoding multisyllable words – and continue to establish a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning. Every component of reading is taught: decoding (phonics and structural analysis), vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Below is a sampling in each area.

Decoding (Phonics)

  • Learn phonograms WH, EE, ER, AR, OR, ED, OY, OI, AW, AU, OW, OU
  • Read words containing the new phonograms, such as whale, sheep, herd, farm, horn, toy, boil, saw, haul, flower, and found
  • Read words with long I or O before two consonants, as in find and gold
  • Read words with soft C, as in race

Decoding (Structural Analysis)

  • Identify base words
  • Read contractions, such as they’ll
  • Learn syllable division rules for reading multisyllable words
  • Read words with past tense ending ed, including all three sounds, as in wanted, tested, and chipped


  • Discuss new words in the context of the story and one’s own life
  • Understand homophones
  • Understand synonyms and antonyms


  • Read with accuracy
  • Read with meaningful expression
  • Read with natural phrasing


  • Connect text to own experiences
  • Make predictions
  • Compare and contrast settings
  • Skim for specific information
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