All About Reading Level 1 - Teacher's Manual

All About Reading Level 1 - Teacher's Manual

by Marie Rippel
2nd Edition, ©2016, ISBN: 9781935197621
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As of January 2019, All About Learning released new, full-color editions of Reading 1-4. With slight tweaking, they can be used with these previous editions (click here for correlation info). We've stopped purchasing the older, black & white editions of the teacher's guides, but are continuing to buy most used readers and clean workbooks as they are available.

One Student Packet is included with each purchase of All About Reading Level Pre-1. Additional Student Packets can be purchased individually.

Each packet includes:

  • My Book of Letters and Sounds Activity Book
  • Picture Cards
  • Letter Sound Cards
  • Capital Letter Alphabet Chart
  • Lowercase Letter Alphabet Chart

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