All About Reading Level 1 - Reader 2

All About Reading Level 1 - Reader 2

Runt Pig

by Marie Rippel
Color Edition, ©2019, Publisher Catalog #AAR-L1-BOOK2-RUNT
Hardcover, 160 pages
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A phonics-based reader, The Runt Pig: a collection of short stories contains charming stories with beautiful, full-color illustrations.

Your beginning reader will delight in finding out what happens when… go to school 
...a runt pig scares a rat 
...a small boy makes a big mess 
...fluffy clouds make funny shapes 
...some ants build a hill in the sand

Your child will get lots of practice with words containing final blends (as in the words hand and best ), initial blends (as in the words glad and trip), and floss words (those ending in ff, ll, and ss, such as glass and sell ). This book will build your child's confidence with these important concepts as well as increase your child's motivation to read.

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