Algebra 2 with Trigonometry - DVD

Algebra 2 with Trigonometry - DVD

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This course will develop your son's or daughter's skill in math and prepare them for college or high school calculus.

  • DVD teaching videos (approximately 14 hours of video following the textbook)
  • Goes through the college level textbook College Algebra with Trigonometry (7th ed.) from McGraw-Hill
  • Course developed over three years while teaching to a group of home school high school students
  • Developed for full year (2 semester) course

Worldview Analysis:

The following subjects are covered in the textbook via example problems showing applications:

Carbon-14 Dating - This subject is covered in chapter 5 of the textbook as an example of logarithms use in science. This may concern some parents who have heard of misuse of radioactive dating methods to date the earth as millions of years old. However, Carbon-14 (not without its problems and doubts) is not used to justify an old-earth view since the half life of carbon-14 is not long enough to provide millions of years. (See also AIG or RTB) The problems with Carbon-14 dating and other radioisotope types of dating are discussed in the video coverage of chapter 5.

Gaming - One problem related to gambling in roulette is presented in chapter 5. However, the problem shows the ever increasing ability to loose money, and therefore is an accurate depiction. This problem is not assigned in the course or worked in the solutions manual.

Math You Use!

The text covers a wealth of real-life problems in example and assigned problems. Some of the academic examples are related to courses in economics, finance, biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, astronomy, and computer science. The applied problems cover issues in music, construction, engineering, electricity, medicine, photography, rocket flight, surveying, navigation, and many others.

Options for providing your own book:

Sample Video:

Demo video is much lower quality than the DVDs so it can easily be downloaded from the website. However, this should give the user an idea of what the DVDs are like.

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