Algebra 1 - Student Textbook (old)

Algebra 1 - Student Textbook (old)

2nd Edition, ©1999, Publisher Catalog #273706
Softcover Textbook, 608 pages
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The Algebra I Student Text includes scriptural principles woven throughout but also an "Algebra and Scripture" spread in each chapter. Concepts are presented with examples and explanations. Other features include "Algebra Around Us" and sections on "Probability and Statistics." Homework sections are on three levels. Cumulative Review questions are located at the end of every section. Procedures and definitions are color-coded for reference.

A TI-83 Plus graphing calculator is recommended for use with this course.

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  Bjup Algebra I Is Excellent
TammyA of Oregon, 4/13/2010
We really enjoyed BJUP's Algebra I, 2nd Edition. We used it for all three of our children as first year algebra.

While not as entertaining as some texts (ie Jacob) it is colorful, very thorough and presented in a logical manner with explanations for the math principles behind the math.

Comprehensive review is included at the end of every lesson (just not as much as Saxon, but more than enough for us). More importantly, like concepts are linked together and developed fully to build a strong foundation of understanding and enough problems on the new concepts offered so that the student masters the concepts (requiring less continual review).

Full solutions for every problem are offered in the teacher manual (as is true with all BJUP high school level math courses). The teacher manual also offers some helpful teaching suggestions and additional information for each lesson making them essential to the program.

While the lessons are meant to be presented by the teacher, the student text supplies the bulk of the lesson material and explanations such that this could be a self-directed program for students who grasp math more easily.

This course is strongly compares to 1 1/3 years of high school algebra as compared with Portland Community College's sequencing. Our daughter challenged out of PCC's Math 65 on the basis of this book alone with the single addition of simple functions (from BJUP Algebra II).

Of the BJUP math books, this book, and their level 7th and 8th math, are their best math books.