An Eskimo Journey

by James Houston
Library Binding, 80 pages
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It was a hazardous journey the Akavak and his grandfather faced o reach the distant land of Kokjuak, but Grandfather had promised  to see his brother once more before he died—and he was now an old man. Near starvation because a cache of food they had counted on had been plundered by a great bear, they are forced finally to cross the high mountain range—a route Akavak's father had warned him against—instead of following the shore where piled-up ice floes made travel by dog sled impossible. After incredible hardships in struggling up the icy cliffs to a plateau at the top, sled and dogs are lost in an icy crevasse that opens at their feet. Death seems certain in the wild storm that follows.

The wisdom of old age and the strength of youth are allied in mortal combat against the elemental forces of nature in this stark and dramatic story, strikingly illustrated by the author of  the widely acclaimed Tikta'liktak and The White Archer.

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