AIO Imagination Station Book #22

AIO Imagination Station Book #22

Freedom at the Falls

by Marianne Hering, Sheila Seifert
Publisher: Focus on the Family
Trade Paperback, 133 pages
List Price: $5.99 Sale Price: $5.09

Historical Setting: 1923 Tokyo

Race on the Underground Railroad

"I'm taking Sally back to her master," the slave catcher shouted.   "Don't try to stop me!"

Join cousins Patrick and Beth in 1861 as they ride The Lincoln Special, a train carrying President-elect Abraham Lincoln to northern New York.  Mr. Lincoln is troubled because Southern states are in an uproar over slavery.  But Patrick and Beth care about one slave in particular--a runaway named Sally who is hiding on the train.  When a slave catcher finds out about Sally's escape plans, the cousins must help her find a new route to Canada.  They become "conductors" on the Underground Railroad.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Lincoln and her son Willie join in.  But will that be enough to keep Sally away from a slave catcher hot on her trail?

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