AIO Imagination Station Book #21

AIO Imagination Station Book #21

Madman in Manhattan

by Marianne Hering
Publisher: Focus on the Family
Trade Paperback, 135 pages
Price: $5.99

Historical Setting: 1923 New York

Take a terrifying flight to adventure!

Beth felt the helicopter lift off.  The movement made her stomach flip upside down.

Join Patrick and Beth as they unravel the mysteries of the Imagination Station.  The cousins travel to 1923 New York City, the home of Nikola Tesla, a quirky inventor.  He has the knowledge to fix the damaged Imagination Stations.  But can they get his help while keeping the machines' purpose a secret?  Or will Tesla figure out how to alter time and change history? 

Meanwhile Patrick discovers an old friend--Eugene Meltsner--who has startling secrets of his own.  Find out how a loyal pigeon, a wild helicopter ride, and a mysterious photo all come together to save the future!

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