AIO Imagination Station Book #20

AIO Imagination Station Book #20

Inferno in Tokyo

by Marianne Hering
Publisher: Focus on the Family
Trade Paperback, 137 pages
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Historical Setting: 1923 Tokyo

Disaster from earth, wind, water and fire!

A great cone-shaped mass of fire swirled over the city from the east.  "What is that?" Beth asked.  "A cyclone of fire!" Patrick shouted.  And it's headed this way!"

After tsunami waves sweep over the Imagination Station, it breaks down completely.  Patrick and Beth wash up on the shores of Japan on September 1, 1923.  The cousins fear if the water doesn't get them, the earthquake will!

Disaster engulfs the city of Tokyo, leaving families and friends separated and desperate.  Thanks to a Japanese celebrity and a performing elephant, the cousins escape the worst of the earthquake and aid an abandoned child.  They reach safety at the famous Imperial Hotel and call on all their courage to prevent more damage and help the helpless.

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