Age of Revolution I

Age of Revolution I

1600 to 1800

by Michelle Miller
Publisher: TruthQuest History
Spiralbound, 370 pages
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PART I (1600-1700)

(This was previously the entirety of Age of Revolution I)

"The big ideas of the previous two centuries (Renaissance & Reformation) fomented upheaval for society during the 1600's—the Puritan Revolution, the Glorious Revolution, and the Scientific Revolution, for example.

"The same roiling issues led the Pilgrims into the Mayflower! The whole pageant of New World exploration and settlement (by the English, French, Spanish, Dutch, etc.) can now be seen in its diverse context. And, you'll meet the New World natives who were so impacted."

PART II (1700-1800)

(This was previously Age of Revolution II)

"The incredible undercurrents of the Renaissance/Reformation and the 1600's rolled right into the 1700's. As the truths and untruths were further built upon, deep change came to many nations.

"Are not the American and French Revolutions proof of that?! Do you know how different they were...and why?! Do you know that the French Revolution has had more impact on the modern world than the American?!

"But there's so much more to this century—great musicians, scientists, and authors, all caught in the clash of ideas. Where was God's hand?"

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