After the War

After the War

by Carol Matas
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Mass market paperback, 133 pages
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Historical Setting: Eastern Europe, Atlantic Ocean, Palestine, 1945-1948 A. D.

After being liberated from Buchenwald at the end of World War II, Ruth tries to return home. The fifteen-year-old believes her entire family of more than eighty relatives has been wiped out in the Holocaust. Why is she the only one who survived?

With nowhere to turn, Ruth joins the underground organization Brichah, aiding its members in their dangerous quest to smuggle illegal immigrants to Palestine. She risks her life to help lead a group of children on a daring journey over half a continent and across the sea, using secret routes and forged documents. Ruth's story is an unforgettable one—full of courage and passion and the rediscovery of hope.

"The historical incidents are true, and Matas has retold them and shaped them into a tightly edited drama . . . The climactic scene . . . Is something you want to read over and over again; it is a miracle." —Booklist (starred, boxed review)
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