Africa's Brave Heart

Africa's Brave Heart

Robert Moffat

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by Irene Howat
Mass market paperback, 176 pages
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The story of a Scottish minister and his wife in Africa – the precursors to David Livingstone. With a sword, a shovel, a Bible, and great courage, Robert used the skills he had learned growing up in a Scottish village to translate the Bible into Tswana and to share God’s love with Africa.

Robert Moffat could think on his feet and use his hands. He was strong, practical, and just the sort of guy you needed to back you up when you were in a difficult spot. Not only that, he had courage – loads of it! And he longed to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Africa.

As Robert faced the dangers of drought, wild animals, and even the daggers and spears of the people he had come to help, he used his unique collection of talents to spread the gospel. He became known as “Africa’s Brave Heart”, as he blazed a trail into unknown regions, starting a work on that dark continent which continues to this day.

Robert Moffat and his wife preceded David Livingstone to Africa, and helped him to learn enough about Africa to begin to yearn to go there himself. After some meetings in the United Kingdom, David Livingstone married the Moffat’s daughter, Mary.

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