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Our affiliate program allows you to earn money by recommending our site! Link to us on your blog, website, or anything else—this page makes it easy!
1. IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: Log in or create an account to get your unique referral code. Without this code, the links won't do a thing for you!
2. After you are logged in, use the options on the right to post our HTML code on your blog. Throughout the site, you'll see "Link to this item" buttons. Those will bring you back to this page with the appropriate coding for that item. Add a link with or without a picture, with or without desctiptive text. It can be as simple as a basic link with your referral code included.
3. If anyone purchases something on our site within 30 days of clicking on that link, we'll pay you 3% of the sales, even if it is not the item to which you linked.


You can create three types of links:

Link to the homepage

Link to an item

Link to a category


Your viewers click the link...

If they purchase anything from our website at any time within 30 days, THEN...


Payment is simple.

3% of all sales totals referred from your link will be applied toward your account in "referral credit." This can be used three ways:

  • Less than $25.00 can be applied immediately toward purchases as store credit.
  • When you get $25.00 you can request a check, though you are still free to keep it as store credit.
  • When you get $100.00 we will issue a check automatically.