Adventures of Ulysses

Adventures of Ulysses

World Landmark #40
by Gerald Gottlieb
Publisher: Random House
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The story of Ulysses, wiliest of the Greeks, has been called the first and probably the greatest adventure tale of all.

In this new and skillfully written version we first meet Ulysses as a boy, when an encounter with a wild boar leaves him with the great scar that he is to carry throughout his eventful life.

As a grown man, Ulysses, King of Ithaca, joined Menelaus, King of Mycenae, and Agamemnon, King of Sparta, in besieging Troy. The Wooden Horse, the ruse by which their armies penetrated Troy after ten years of bitter fighting, was Ulysses' idea. Through it Troy was conquered at last, its people slain, the city laid waste.

Then began the long voyage home. Ulysses and his men battled the giant one-eyed Cyclops, fell under the spell of the enchantress Circe, and encountered all manner of demons and monsters on sea and land. At last the wrath of the gods destroyed Ulysses' ships and his companions, and Ulysses wandered on alone—with more adventures befalling him. Altogether it was twenty years before he saw his home again. And there he had to face the greatest adventure of all—battling the suitors of Penelope, his faithful wife.

For three thousand years people of all ages the world over have been held spellbound by the story of Ulysses. It is told again by Gerald Gottlieb in the great tradition of high adventure, as a tale of unsurpassed courage and resourcefulness.

Gerald Gottlieb's Adventures of Ulysses was awarded the first Bread Loaf Writers' Conference Fellowship in Juvenile Literature. 

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