Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Puffin Classics
by Mark Twain
Publisher: Puffin Books
Mass market paperback, 282 pages
List Price: $8.99 Sale Price: $7.64

Tom skips school and has some incredible adventures with his friends Huckleberry Finn and Joe Harper—some real enough, others not quite. They go off and live like pirates on an island, are presumed dead, and return just in time for their own funeral. They witness a murder, and discover treasure beyond their wildest dreams.

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Exodus Rating
FLAWS: Mild violence, mild language, attitude
Summary: Tom finds buried treasure, witnesses a murder, and pretends he's not falling for Becky Thatcher in this all-American classic.

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  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
HappyHomemaker of Oregon, 5/11/2011
An fun, well-written tale about a naughty boy, penned by Mark Twain, who obviously loved being a naughty boy! I have enjoyed reading this book again and again over the years.
It's about a boy on the shore of the Mississippi without much adult authority in his life, and his subsequent adventures. He plays pirates, gets lost in a cave (that part is not portrayed as fun at all, just so you know), finds treasure, and gallantly tells the truth to keep an innocent man alive.
Tom certainly is not the best of role models, but with a little help from parents boys and girls alike can enjoy this rollicking tale.