Adventures of Robin Hood

Adventures of Robin Hood

Everyman's Library Children's Classics
by Roger Lancelyn Green, Walter Crane (Illustrator)
Library Binding, 275 pages
Price: $20.00

Robin Hood is champion of the poor and oppressed against the cruel power of Prince John and the brutal Sheriff of Nottingham. He takes refuge with his Merry Men in the vast Sherwood Forest, emerging time and again to outwit his enemies with daring and panache. Roger Green's version brings sense and clarity as well as excitement to the varied myths, ballads and legends about Robin's adventures. And this handsome edition boasts the sixteen classic color illustrations by Walter Crane.

Table of Contents:

Prologue: The Birth of Robert Fitzooth

  1. The Good Spirit of Sherwood
  2. How Robert of Locksley Became an Outlaw
  3. The Outlaws of Sherwood Forest
  4. The Rescue of Will Scarlet
  5. How Little John Came to the Greenwood
  6. How Sir Richard of Legh Paid the Abbot
  7. Maid Marion of Sherwood Forest
  8. The Coming of Friar Tuck
  9. How Sir Richard Paid Robin Hood
  10. The Silver Arrow
  11. Robin Hood and the Butcher
  12. The Adventure of the Beggars
  13. Robin Hood and the Tanner
  14. The Wedding of Allin-a-Dale
  15. Robin Hood and the Bishop
  16. George-a-Greene, the Pinner of Wakefield
  17. A Night Alarm and a Golden Prize
  18. The Witch of Paplewick
  19. The Last of Guy of Gisborne
  20. The Silver Bugle and the Black Knight
  21. Robin Hood and the Tall Palmer
  22. King John's Revenge
  23. Robin Hood's Last Adventure
  24. The Last Arrow

Epilogue: King Henry and the Hermits 

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