Adventures of Perrine

Adventures of Perrine

from the French En Famille

Windermere Series 4
by Hector Henri Malot, Gil Meynier (Translator), Edith Heal (Adaptor), 2 othersMilo Winter (Frontispiece), Philip Schuyler Allen (Preface)
Publisher: Rand McNally
Item: 91134
Hardcover, 284 pages
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A young French girl is orphaned and travels across France to find relatives. She encounters many difficulties, yet she deals with each and continues, undaunted.

This is a fabulous, touching and sensitive story of a little French girl who loses her mother, and goes to work in a factory to support herself, living alone on a small island in a sort of "shooting blind", weaving her own slippers from reeds, creating a home and a life for herself despite her sadness and loss. She makes friends, advances in the factory, becoming a translator for the grandfatherly factory owner who is searching for his long-lost son. Her steadiness, loyalty, and kindly disposition win her a place in the hearts of most of those who come to know her.

This delightful tale, translated and adapted from the French En Famille (often titled Nobody's Girl), had fun elements that reminded me in turns of Little Princess, Secret Garden, Cinderella, Pollyanna, and (briefly) My Side of the Mountain. My 9yo daughter and I couldn't put it down and polished it off in two days.

  • Edition 1: Not included in the 1918-1919 catalog.  
  • Edition 2: Not included in this collection
  • Edition 3: The companion book Adventures of Remi was published for the first time in this series.)
  • Edition 4: First issue, copyright 1932, edition of 1941. 5 illustrations.
  • Edition 5: #10 of the Readers series, one color plate frontispiece only.
  • Edition 6: Unknown if this came out in softcover.  
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