Adventures of Mohan

Adventures of Mohan

by Ella Grove
Hardcover, 144 pages
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Elephants, kites, monkeys, crab troubles, a rickshaw ride, water buffaloes, a day at the market, the monsoons, goats, school, a rice adventure, and a visit with Uncle Purno all find their way into these pages, to mention only some of the events and characters in this interesting story.

Well-written; character-building; portrays life in present-day India in a way that breaks down cultural walls, biases, and prejudices and shows the oneness of the natures of all people everywhere—a Biblical fact and an evidence of the truth that "there is no respect of persons with God."

For eager, active Mohan, life in India was always bringing something that seized and held his attention and interest. When a white boy his own age and size arrives from America to be his friend, his days become even more eventful.

Some days bring surprises, as his sixth birthday does. Some bring work, expecially after the monsoons arrive. Others find him playing with his friend Marcus, working with his Indian friend Sosan, or going to church in the jungle. Always curious and eager to learn, Mohan is full of questions in every new situation.

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