Adventures in the Physical World

Adventures in the Physical World

Let's Talk Science Level 2
by Carrie Lindquist
Publisher: Master Books
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An exciting scientific journey through the physical world!

This second book in the Let’s Talk Science series brings the Bible to life and will instill a love for science through exploration, investigations, and imaginative Bible-inspired stories. Students will continue to see science as a wonderful tool God has given us to study His creation. They will also deepen their faith as they ask questions and experience God’s world through science. This course includes:

  • Memory verses with hand motions to help students memorize Bible passages
  • Discussion Starters that encourage students to dive deeper into the topics they’re learning
  • Activity pages for students to create their own Science Notebook to share

OVERVIEW: This course is designed to be interactive with students, as they are given the opportunity to stop and discuss answers to questions in the text. The course explores questions such as: What is energy? How do simple machines work? What is matter? What are the planets like? Why does the earth have seasons? How does the water cycle work? How do mountains form? Students will be able to answer these questions and many more as they investigate their way through God’s world around them. Let’s Talk Science: Adventures in the Physical World is fun, hands-on, and easy to prepare for. Best of all, it will encourage your student’s curiosity!

Table of Contents

  1. The Physical World
  2. Potential and Kinetic Energy
  3. Mechanical Energy
  4. Friction and Force
  5. Pulleys
  6. Gears
  7. Levers
  8. Chemical Energy
  9. Matter
  10. Magnets
  11. Electrical Energy
  12. Thermal Energy
  13. Light Energy
  14. Nuclear Energy
  15. The Sun
  16. Moon
  17. Stars
  18. Constellations
  19. The Solar System 1
  20. The Solar System 2
  21. Intro to Meteorology
  22. Weather Instruments
  23. The Atmosphere
  24. Clouds 1
  25. Clouds 2
  26. The Water Cycle
  27. Seasons
  28. Intro to Geology
  29. Earthquakes
  30. Mountains
  31. Volcanoes
  32. Igneous Rocks
  33. Sedimentary Rocks
  34. Metamorphic Rocks
  35. Fossils
  36. Conclusion
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