Adventures and Discoveries of Marco Polo

Adventures and Discoveries of Marco Polo

World Landmark #3
by Richard Walsh (Author)
Publisher: Random House
©1953, Item: 28131
Hardcover, 182 pages
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Marco Polo was seventeen years old when his great adventures began. It was in the year 1271 that he set out from his home in Italy to travel with his father and uncle to China, the land of Kublai Khan. It was a land of great art treasures, of jewels, silks and fabulous wealth.

When he came home many years later, Marco told such tales of wonder that people did not believe him. Because they thought he was exaggerating, they nicknamed him “Marco Millions.” But he calmly replied, “I have not told half of what I saw.”

What he told had its influence upon the discovery of America. For Christopher Columbus read the book Marco Polo wrote about his trip and made notes in the margin of his own copy. He drew a map from Marco’s description and took it with him on his famous voyage across the Atlantic.

Later, Marco's account of the wealth of furs in Siberia led Henry Hudson to seek the northwest passage. In his search he explored the Hudson River and discovered Hudson Bay.

Two hundred years before Europe ever heard of America, a great deal was known about Asia, thanks to Marco Polo. In time he came to be called “The Father of Geography.”

Now Richard J. Walsh retells Marco Polo's own fabulous story of his trip to China in an age when people were sure the earth was flat and when China sounded as remote as fairyland. Jam packed with exciting anecdotes and rich detail, The Adventures and Discoveries of Marco Polo will appeal to adventurers of every age.


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