Advanced Language Lessons

Advanced Language Lessons

Aldine Third Language Book

by Mary Jane Newcomer (Editor and Revisor), Frank Ellsworth Spaulding, 2 othersCatherine T. Bryce, Huber Gray Buehler
Trade Paperback, 348 pages
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Recognizing the need to return to more traditional principles in education, Lost Classics Book Company is republishing forgotten late 19th and early 20th century literature and textbooks to aid parents in the education of their children.

This edition of Advanced Language Lessons is an edited republished edition of Aldine Third Language Book, which was originally published in 1917. Unfortunately, Emma Serl never wrote an advanced book to follow her Intermediate Language Lessons. Seeing a need for such a book, Lost Classics Book Company asked Mary Jane Newcomer, author of the Teacher's Guides for both Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons, for her recommendation for an advanced lesson book. Mary Jane is a qualified teacher with experience in homeschooling, and is thoroughly knowledgeable of the content of Serl's books. She chose this book as an appropriate follow up for advanced students, being from about the same period and with content well-suited to advance the lessons in the previous Language Lessons books. The text has been updated and edited only where necessary. This book is intended for students aged 13 to 16 and will be especially helpful for those who have completed Emma Serl's Intermediate Language Lessons.

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