Advanced Communication Series - DVD

Advanced Communication Series - DVD

by Andrew Pudewa
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This 3-DVD set is primarily for upper high school and college-level students and teachers, but is also applicable for professionals who wish to hone their communication and information-processing skills.

These disks teach pupils persuasive writing and speaking skills, advanced note taking, and powerful tips for planning and writing a college level paper. A CD-ROM contains the seminar handouts, lesson plans, and other supplemental materials. (A complimentary download of the Advanced Communication Series Student e-book is also included with your purchase. This e-book contains the exact same information as the CD-ROM.)

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Disc 1: Persuasive Writing & Speaking
Reviewing and expanding on the persuasive essay model from the Structure & Style® syllabus, this class goes into specific detail of how to plan and construct a persuasive paper. The strategic model shows how to select topics and prepare a presentation that will catch the reader’s attention and keep him reading, gradually swaying opinion in the desired direction. The second half of this disc gives insightful tips on powerful public speaking techniques, coaching exactly how to deliver a message to an audience in a dynamic and engaging way. (95 min.)

Disc 2: Advanced Note Taking: A Dynamic Key Word Approach
Although the Structure & Style syllabus presents a simple and useful method of Key Word Note taking that helps students transfer an idea from a source to an outline, the advanced techniques presented in this class take Key Word Notes to an entirely different level. Using a flexible Stick and Branch approach, this powerful system is extremely effective as a method for processing more complicated ideas, whether taken from source texts or from live lectures. In-class exercises provide practice with simple as well as more complex content. This easy-to-grasp technique may be, for many people who will learn and practice it, one of the single most useful tools they can possess for success in school and work. (96 min.)

Disc 3: Power Tips for Planning and Writing a College Level Paper
Facing a variety of assignments from many different professors, the typical college student often finds that when he tries to write well, he can please only some of his instructors some of the time. With strategies to evaluate and respond to diverse requirements, this class is a secret weapon for beating the system. (116 min.)

† Contains distinctly Christian content

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