ACSI Spelling 6 - Teacher Edition (old)

Hardcover Spiralbound, 199 pages
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Build up your student's spelling abilities and writing skills with this extensive spelling book. Revised, this second edition features word analysis, vocabulary, word study strategies, and writing. With now 25 words per list, students will be exposed to a broad base of words that will increase familiarity with Greek and Latin roots, and encourage an expanded vocabulary, word building abilities, and editing skills. Built around a sports theme, children will love the bright photographs and related questions, stories and activities. Lessons include a word list of pattern words, content words, and vocabulary words, as well as exercises that work on prefix/suffix/roots, definitions, patterns, and writing skills.

190 pages, softcover; 36 lessons. A fill-in-your-own word bank, pronunciation key, and spelling dictionary are included. 6th Grade.

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