ACSI Math 3 Set - Worktext and Teacher Edition (old)

Life on the Land

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Teacher Edition and Student Book in one set.

These colorful worktexts are designed to engage students in mathematical thinking as well as continue to build strong computational skills. Concept mastery and problem solving are integral parts of each lesson. Mastery of basic addition and subtraction facts and procedures is a major goal in the early part of grade three; third graders will also continue to study mathematical concepts that are developmentally appropriate for their age and ability level. This level's theme is Life on the Land. Students will appreciate the attention given to a wide range of animals from endangered wildlife to circus animals.

Please note that although it is expensive,we consider the Teacher's Guide essential. The parent/teacher must take an active role in the presentation of material or students will be completely lost. The authors suggest 15-20 minutes of teacher preparation for each lesson; if you're willing to take that kind of time for math, this is one of the best programs out there—if not, you'd better look elsewhere. There is plenty of teacher support, but you'll have to review it carefully (you can't just read to your kids from the teacher edition). The answers are only available in the Teacher's Guide.

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