Across the Meadow - Teacher Edition

Across the Meadow - Teacher Edition

A Beka Reading 2C
Publisher: A Beka Books
1st Edition, ©2017, Publisher Catalog #242993
Hardcover Spiralbound, 212 pages
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Read along with your students with your own copy of Across the Meadow. This hardcover, spiral-bound teacher’s companion includes a copy of the student book with added teaching helps for each story and exercise. Gr. 2.

Product Features

  • Goals and objectives teach you what to look for as your students read. More than just sounding out the words, your students will learn to read with expression, to observe punctuation, and to read for comprehension.
  • A variety of enrichment activities throughout the book will help bring the stories to life!
  • Comprehension/discussion questions help you check that your students are reading for meaning. Character themes, discussion questions, and Scripture verses help your students apply the principles and godly character traits found in the story.
  • Teaching helps are provided side by side with the page the student will be reading. As the teacher, you will know exactly what to do before, during, and after the story.


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