Achieving Peak Performance Grade 2 - Action Plan

Achieving Peak Performance Grade 2 - Action Plan

New and Updated!

by Curt Bumcrot, Jenny Bumcrot
Publisher: Basic Skills
2nd Edition, ©2003, ISBN: 9781888786392
Staplebound, 19 pages
Price: $7.50

For children in the primary grades, an important question is, "What is an achievement test like?" Parents have other questions: First, "What skills will the test measure?" And second, "How can I prepare my child?" It is important to know what is expected in order to prepare adequately.

Achieving Peak Performance is designed to answer these questions and concerns in a simple and easy to use way and can be used to prepare students for most standardized tests.

This is the parent book of APP, an action plan made up of four parts:

  • Identifying Learning Objectives
  • Mastering test Strategies
  • Practicing for success
  • Practice test Answer Key
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