Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Friend of the People

by Clara Ingram Judson
Trade Paperback, 195 pages
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Historical Setting: 1809-1865 A.D.

This Newbery Honor Book is a rich and satisfying biography of the prairie president. Here is the real Lincoln—in his gauntness, his gawkiness, and his greatness—the backwoods boy who became President and saved the Union.

America was in trouble. Slavery, secession, and civil war threatened. During this time, Abraham Lincoln was growing up on the frontier. With a great for storytelling and great interest in human nature, he developed the strength, character, and values that he would need to save his country. Who knew that it was Lincoln's destiny to lead a nation through its darkest hour and its bloodiest war?

Clara Judson's meticulously researched Newbery Honor book follows Lincoln from his birth on a small farm in Kentucky to the White House. Inspired by his stepmother's love of books, we learn how Lincoln educated himself, thought hard about democracy, and developed the determination to make a difference in a country torn by strife.

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