84, Charing Cross Road

84, Charing Cross Road

by Helene Hanff
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This charming classic love story, first published in 1970, brings together twenty years of correspondence between Helene Hanff, at the time, a freelance writer living in New York City, and a used-book dealer in London at 84, Charing Cross Road. Through the years, though never meeting and separated both geographically and culturally, they share a winsome, sentimental friendship based on their common love for books. Their relationship, captured so acutely in these letters, is one that has touched the hearts of thousands of readers around the world.

84, Charing Cross Road will beguile and put you in tune with mankind… It will provide an emollient for the spirit and sheath for the exposed nerve.” – The New York Times

“A unique, throat-lumping, side-splitting treasure.” – San Francisco Examiner

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