77 Zebra

77 Zebra

Adventures of an Arctic Missionary Book 3
by Gloria Repp
Trade Paperback, 156 pages
Price: $6.99

"He tried not to look through the windshield because it showed only white. He tried to ignore the fact that he couldn't tell whether he was flying up, down, or sideways.

Stick to your instruments.

He turned up his receiver, and the harsh sound of static filled the cockpit. Five long minutes later, he tried again. Still no answer."

Leaning on the Lord's promises, Steve and Liz Bailey touch down once again in Alaskan wilderness. With their new, high-flying helper—a Cessna 170 airplane—the missionaries are eager to bring God's Word to troubled Eskimo villagers. But drunkenness and fear are not the only problems they find. A life-threatening emergency raises serious questions about a fellow pilot. Then Steve's greatest hope becomes his greatest struggle when he and young Charlie become trapped in a brutal storm.

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