70 Basic Phonogram Cards - Large Size

70 Basic Phonogram Cards - Large Size

by Wanda Sanseri
Publisher: Becky's Bouquet
5th Edition, ©2012, ISBN: 9781961564107
Price: $45.00

English has 45 sounds which we spell in 70 basic ways. A phonogram is a letter or set of letters used to represent one or more of these sounds. The quickest, most natural way to learn to spell, write, and read is to learn these phonograms.

These cards offer all of these sounds. The front of each card contains a phonogram typed in lower case. No gimmicks or picture clues interfere with the instant link between symbol and sound. The back of the card gives information about each phonogram including helps for teaching cursive or manuscript letters. The student hears and says the phonogram, sees how it will look in a book, and then writes it.

The larger size (5.5"x8.5") is designed for use in classroom settings.

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