7 Wonders: Leaders Expansion

7 Wonders: Leaders Expansion

Publisher: Asmodee Games
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7 Wonders: Leaders adds 42 new cards to the base game of 7 Wonders, comprising four new guilds, one new wonder card, and 36 (+1 blank) white "Leader" cards. At the start of the game, each player takes a hand of four leaders and may play one at the start of each of the three Ages. Unlike the standard cards, leaders cost money (not resources). The expansion comes with a new Wonder - the ancient city of Rome - and contains 6-gold tokens made of cardboard for more efficient money-management.

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  Must Have Review for 7 Wonders
Joseph F of OR, 4/2/2014
If you like 7 Wonders, get this expansion. If you haven't played 7 Wonders, buy it then buy this.
This expansion lets you plan a strategy from the beginning of the game and have a clear goal for the get-go. Very good addition to the game.
Families may be advised that not all ancient female leaders dress in a modest way...