7 Continents: South America

7 Continents: South America

by Rachel Lynette
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
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Develop geography literacy while learning about the unique characteristics of South America!

The 7 Continents: South America helps students learn about South America through fun reading and writing activities.

Five geography units cover the following standards-based topics:

Section 1: South America in the World
Introduces students to the location of South America in the world.

  • South America's Relative Location
  • South America's Hemispheres
  • South America's Absolute Location
  • Using a Projection Map

Section 2: Political Divisions of South America
Introduces students to the three regions and 12 countries of South America.

  • Population of South America
  • Countries of South America
  • Largest Countries by Area
  • Largest Countries by Population
  • Western South America
  • Population of Western South America
  • Northern South America
  • Population of Northern South America
  • Eastern South America
  • Population of Eastern South America
  • Capital Cities of South America

Section 3: Physical Features of South America
Students learn about the landforms and bodies of water of South America.

  • South America's Landscape
  • Andes Mountains
  • Highlands of South America
  • Plains of South America
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Atacama Desert
  • Tierra del Fuego
  • South America's Bodies of Water
  • Amazon River
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Angel Falls

Section 4: Valuable Resources of South America
Students learn about the various natural resources of South America.

  • Oil in Venezuela
  • Itaipu Dam
  • Mining Metals
  • Agriculture
  • Cattle
  • Llamas and Alpacas
  • Rainforest Resources
  • Amazon Rainforest Wildlife
  • Galapagos Islands Wildlife

Section 5: South American Culture
Introduces students to the architecture, art, beliefs, and traditions of South American people.

  • Tourist Attractions
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Religions of South America
  • Native Cultures
  • South American Cuisine
  • Celebrations

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