501 Spanish Verbs

501 Spanish Verbs

by Christopher Kendris, Theodore Kendris
Publisher: Barron's
7th Edition, ©2010, ISBN: 9780764197970
Trade Paperback, 728 pages
Price: $16.99

Fully conjugated in all the tenses in a new easy to learn format, alphabetically arranged.

  • Summary of meanings and uses of Spanish and English verb tenses and moods
  • Formation of present and past participles
  • Passive and active voices
  • Principal parts of important Spanish verbs
  • Sample English verb conjugation
  • English-Spanish verb index
  • Verb forms identified by infinitive
  • Helpful expressions and idioms for travelers
  • More than 1,100 Spanish verbs conjugated like model verbs
  • Guidelines for verbs with prepositions
  • Verbs used in popular expressions

New two-color design for easy reference.

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